Better Blood Flow = Better Health

Imagine if You Will A World Where
Specific Electromagnetic Signals
Can Improve Your Body's Circulatory System By Up To 30%

Can you think of any physical condition that would not be improved by improving blood flow to the individual cells of the body? Is there anything that would not be helped by getting more Oxygen and Nutrients to the cells, and removing Toxins and Waste products more effectively?

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Who Can We Help?

Health Issues

No matter what might not be functioning properly within your body, more oxygen and more blood flow is a good thing. Many condiitons are specifically related to blood flow to the cells, and it is quite common for people with poor blood flow to have serious and even life-threatening issues. Surgery and drugs can sometimes help, but they often bring their own future issues and side effects. Improving the blood flow to the limbs and to the internal organs is very effective at helping the body to heal whatever is wrong. Better blood flow helps remove the toxic substances in the cells that are the cause or byproduct of many diseases. Better blood flow will even help your pharmaceutical drugs get delivered to the problem area more efficiently.

When your body has experienced any kind of trauma, it makes every attempt to heal itself. Quite often this means sending more blood to the affected areas. But often this blood can’t be processed quickly enough by the smaller blood vessels, so we experience swelling and bruising. Therapists will use massage and manipulation techniques to assist the body in moving this blood.  Improving the microcapillary functions promotes healing, reduces swelling and discomfort, and clears excess used blood (bruising) from the affected areas. Even broken bones can heal faster with more oxygen and nutrients delivered to the cells.

Injuries & Rehab

(Skin Health)

Skin conditions plague our chemical/industrial society. Additionally, the skin is one of our biggest points of vanity, and billions of dollars are spent each year on medical and non-medical products to care for the skin. People get injections of neurotoxins (i.e. botox) in an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance. Wouldn’t it be better to actually rejuvenate the skin, rather than just give the appearance of youth? More blood flow to the skin nearly always results in healthier skin, less dryness, less wrinkles, clearer complexion, and quicker healing of sores, blemishes, and disease.

When we talk to serious athletes, our discussion is usually about performance and recovery.  Better blood flow will obviously help all the muscles to perform at their maximum capacity. They will be able to work harder and longer before hitting “exhaustion”. And after the competition, better blood flow helps muscles to remove the toxins and lactic acids created during the athletic competition. These toxins are what create sore muscles or necessitate an  “off day” after a  serious work out or competition. Our products boost the lymph system effectiveness by up to 30%, so you can reduce your downtime and push your training to the next level.


General Wellness

Blood Flow is the river of life. Our blood carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and removes carbon dioxide and waste products. This process goes on every second of our life, whether we are awake or asleep or even unconscious. We have a special name for when it stops.  DEAD.  Improving the flow of blood improves the overall health of everyone. Many people experience relief from discomfort and increased energy. The brain even works better, eliminating age-related brain-fog. Almost any health issue can benefit from improving the blood supply to the cells.

FDA Class 1 Device (class 2 pending)
Proven Technology in Europe in use for 20 years
In use in over 4000 Hospitals and Clinics

I had severe shoulder pain and 2 torn muscles off the bone. I started using this device 2 times a day before surgery for a month and one completely healed before surgery. I came out of surgery with 4 holes in my shoulder with stitches and no bruising, unbelievable … my surgeon couldn’t believe it either . I healed faster than physical therapy could keep up.
Denise Smith
I use this device daily. I feel 10 years younger and healthier, with a lot of my old aches and pains no longer bothering me at all. I no longer need my afternoon nap, and six hours of sleep each night is plenty. I am definitely seeing and hearing better than I have in years. That surprised me. I had some numbness starting in my toes, and that has gone away. And so far, no colds or other sicknesses that are going around.
Bob C
Bob Costa

What's Next?

The FDA won’t let us make reference to any specific medical conditions or diseases. The best way to get more information is to attend a seminar. Do that by clicking the button above. We have in-person seminars available in Southwest Florida, and on line webinars (personal or group) available in 48 countries where these products are sold. At an in-person seminar, you will have an opportunity to try our devices. Elsewhere, we can arrange a trial with one of our local partners. But to be honest, one session is rarely enough time for your body to heal health issues it spent a lifetime acquiring.  So we also offer daily sessions if you wish. For most people, we suggest a ten session trial series. You get the chance to see if we can help whatever ails you before buying your own machine. Or just continue to use ours in our office.  Join our email list below to get more information. We will let you know when we have seminars or webinars available.