Chronic Pain – the “catchall” diagnosis

Have you ever gotten a  diagnosis of “chronic pain”? Did your doctor know the cause, or is that just what he wrote because he was stumped? Did he then write you a prescription? The treatment for chronic pain is almost always some kind of addictive opioid drug. Because opioids provide short term help for the patient, and long term profits for the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. But they are not usually a good long term outcome for the patient. You get 20 new symptoms to replace the one that got treated.

Doctor’s love to run tests. They love to label things. You can’t blame them. That is what they are taught in school. “Here is the list of symptoms, Doctor Jones, what is your diagnosis?” The ones who are good at that get good grades in medical school and get to be doctors. Proper diagnosis, then look it up and follow the procedure. So much of this specific pharmaceutical drug and be sure to have them come back in 30 or 90 days. Extra bonuses or nice trips if you can prescribe multiple drugs or really expensive ones.

But what about when someone doesn’t follow the textbook? “Well it could be this or it could be that. Let’s run some more tests. Go see this specialist. Or that one.” Or worse yet “There is nothing wrong with you. It’s all in your head.”  Doctors really say that !! Because they were told all through school how smart they are, so they must be right. Surely if they find the right diagnosis they can prescribe the right pharmaceutical drug and the patient will be cured. Right?  With no diagnosis, there must not be any disease.  RIGHT? But patients don’t like that, and neither do medical boards. So meet the diagnosis “Chronic Pain” . Now they have a procedure they can follow.


Electroceutical Health takes a different approach. We don’t even try to diagnose disease. We don’t treat disease. We don’t cure anything. What we do is increase blood flow throughout the body. And just about every issue our bodies face can be helped by improved blood flow. So we don’t get caught up in what caused something to happen. We don’t spend a minute on trying to label it. The body knows how to cure itself, and it doesn’t need to know the official diagnosis to do so. We just make sure the body is getting as much food and oxygen delivered to the cells as possible. And we help the body eliminate waste products too. Up to a 30% improvement that is measurable and proven.

We do this with a proven German technology that has been in use in European hospitals and university clinics for 20 years. It is holistic, meaning it treats the whole body. It is non-invasive. You just lay on a mat for 8 minutes. It is leading edge. All major health care companies are trying to develop new approaches to treating disease. And while they spend billions on pharmaceutical research every year, they are now also spending millions on electroceutical research. We already did that, so you can get the benefits now. It is truly the medical technology of the future.

The technology is not terribly complex, but it is too much to explain in a web post. Come to our next free seminar and learn all about it. See the videos and learn about what it does. Ask any questions you want to ask. And nothing works for everybody, not even those fancy pharmaceutical drugs. After the free seminar we will give you a free trial session to see for yourself how it works. It can’t get any easier or cheaper than that.

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