Diabetes and Blood Flow

Diabetes is an ugly disease. It affects and restricts blood flow throughout the body. An out-of-control biochemistry causes cholesterol buildups in arteries and veins almost anywhere. It can lead to impotence, heart attacks, stroke, nerve damage, blindness, kidney failure, skin conditions, and amputation of feet and limbs. And there are few effective treatments longer term, although doctors can delay onset with enough pharma drugs started early enough. Yet most of those drugs bring their own issues and side effects that are detrimental to our health. Some drugs are a guarantee of needing other drugs to counter the effects of the first one.  It is very common for someone being treated for diabetes to be taking from 5-8 pharmaceutical drugs daily. They are not always proven effective either, and they are often not fully tested for how they interact. They are usually not enough to prevent diabetes and it’s impact on the body. At best they just delay the inevitable.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

According to the American Diabetes Association (2015 statistics):

  • 30 million Americans have diabetes (it is higher now)
  • 25% of people with diabetes do not know it
  • If you are over age 65, your chances of having diabetes are 1 in 4
  • An additional 84 million American adults have pre-diabetes (it is higher now)
  • 90% of them do not know they have pre-diabetes
  • Diabetes was linked to $355 Billion in medical costs in 2015 (it is much higher now)

Now I want to be clear that our device is NOT an approved treatment in the United States for diabetes and related conditions. As an FDA class one medical device, we do not treat any disease and can make no promises that it will heal or cure anything. The pictures accompanying this article may not be representative of your results. All we do is promote blood flow throughout the body. But improved blood flow does help some conditions in some people. Whether it can help any individual person is legally unpredictable.

Diabetes and Leg Ulcers

Learn The Science of How It Works

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