No. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. These devices actually put an electrical current through your body. This is NOT what we do. Our device is totally NON-INTRUSIVE and does not touch your body at all. We are not stimulating the nerves, but affect the circulatory system in a safe and passive manner.

The device uses electromagnetic waves at specific frequencies that cause your circulatory system to respond in a positive way. It is totally non-invasive, and makes no direct contact with your body. To fully understand what it does, please attend a free seminar and see the explanations and videos. If you are not in our area, we can arrange for a personal webinar via Internet. After that if you are interested, we will try to arrange a trial session in your area.

This device is FDA Class 1 registered. That allows us to say it is approved for home or medical office use. We have applied for class 2 status, which would allow us to say it is useful for specific conditions. Right now, we are allowed to tell people it is useful for specific conditions in 40+ other countries, but not in the USA. These devices are in use in over 4000 hospitals and university clinincs worldwide. 

Our system causes a significant boost to the immune system as well as increased blood flow. People who are using immuno-suppressant drugs after an organ transplant should not use our device unless specifically approved by their doctor. Also anyone with internal bleeding (such as wet macular degeneration) should get specific approval and monitoring from their doctor before and during use. For everyone else, it is considered safe. But we do not provide medical advice, so contact your own doctor as appropriate.

Doctors get daily and weekly visits from Big Pharma salespeople with all kinds of free treats and gifts. We don’t have a big marketing budget, so usually we can’t even get in the door. Few doctors have ever heard of us. Usually, they find out about us when they see the amazing (to them) healing results from one of their patients. Then it is very common for a doctor to do the research and add one of these devices to their practice. They can’t argue with results.

Everyone is different. A few people will notice at least some differences after a single session. But that is rare. It takes your body time to heal. We usually suggest a series of ten sessions over 2-3 weeks, and then you can evaluate what it is doing for you. Many people will have noticeable results by then. But some people have used our machine for months, and then had a”sudden breakthrough” that they consider amazing. Just like pharmacy drugs, nothing works for everyone and the time it takes can vary from person to person. More than half of people will see some changes after ten sessions. 

No. We don’t treat diseases (we are not doctors) so we can’t guarantee any specific results for any specific condition.

Attend a free seminar and get a free trial session. Come to another free seminar and bring a friend. Your friend will get a free session for coming, and we will give you another free session for bringing them. 

Since sessions typically are 8 minutes, it is very common for a family to buy one unit and share it. A group of neighbors could also share a device, especially if they have a community clubhouse or somewhere they can leave it set up for easy use of everyone. Sometimes one person will buy one and then rent sessions to their neighbors to help pay for it. Get your chiropractor or physical therapist to add one to their practice. They will thank you.

We also have sessions available in our Osprey office. We are very happy to let you try the device on a per-session basis for as long as you wish. Most people will come three or five times a week until they know if it is helping them.