Safer Cholesterol Treatment

I hate statin drugs. Doctors hand them out like candy to treat high cholesterol, and they never tell you about the side effects. Statins have too many nasty side effects to go into here. And most of the time they may not even be necessary. The drug companies keep adjusting the “target” cholesterol levels downward, so they can sell more drugs. But our body NEEDS cholesterol. It is a primary component in our brains, and interfering with that chemistry has very high risks to your quality of life. 

I don’t take mine, even though I had a stent installed last year.  After the stent, they gave me some expensive anti-clotting drugs, some aspirin, and a statin drug from their chemistry-based perspective of medical treatment. Their thinking is that cholesterol builds up on the stent, so reducing the blood serum levels will reduce the buildup.  Simpleton thinking that is not terribly accurate or scientific. Cholesterol actually protects the body from the intrusive elements, as long as it doesn’t overdo it.  But even so, stents  only last a couple of years before they need to be replaced or repaired again. They did not tell me that before they put one in either. My stent is part of why I bought a BEMER. Because I can’t afford surgery again.  Hell, I can’t even afford the insurance that kind of almost covers the surgery (and kind of doesn’t).


Now I am learning about Serrapeptase. It is a naturally occurring enzyme that digests and scavenges proteins. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. You don’t hear about it on TV ads, and you don’t hear about it from your doctor. You definitely don’t hear about it from the pharmaceutical companies, and the government (FDA) works for THEM. There is no big money to be made selling it, because it is created in nature and can’t be patented. So you have to hope you stumble across reading something to alert you to look into it. Once you know to look, the research is easy and compelling.

What it Does to Cholesterol

The particular enzyme activity of Serrapeptase is unique. German Dr. Hans Napier had positive results with clearing blocked arteries and preventing the need for by-pass operations. In other words, it is effective and safe as an arterial chelation agent. Dr. Napier also treated a woman with Serrapeptase who was scheduled to have her hand amputated. She recovered without the amputation. There are many anecdotal stories of it helping with various female reproductive issues, especially when fibroids are involved, with lots of patients avoiding surgery.

This miracle enzyme works in even more ways. It is able to dissolve and break down the fibrin by-products of blood coagulation, thereby controlling blood clotting. Current research suggests it can even dissolve the fibrin coating that tumors develop to keep themselves from being spotted by the immune system.

This dissolving action gets rid of arterial plaque without harming the insides of arteries. Serrapeptase stops pain by dissolving and inhibiting the release of amines, the proteins that send the pain signal. It also facilitates the draining of excessive fluid in tissues that may cause swelling and pain.

Serrapeptase has been a standard medicine among unrestricted real healers for the past 30 years in the East and more recently in Europe. It has been found to be more effective and less problematic than the more common medical use of EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) chelation for removing arterial plaque.

The “protein-scavenging” nature of this enzyme might also prove useful against Alzheimers, which has several protein-like substances in the brain associated with its progression. This is new Alzheimers info, so has not been studied yet with serrapeptase.

More Information

To learn a bit more, you can read this Realfarmacy Article

To learn a lot more, try here at Google Scholar

I am hopeful that by combining this with the BEMER therapy device, my blood flow will get even better and that I can get off these pharma drugs next year. It is interesting that most of the Serrapeptase products for sale make no mention of how it can help with blood clotting, Alzheimers, inflammation, pain, high cholesterol, or anything else useful. I assume it is because the FDA only allows drug companies to claim to treat anything. I know well how the FDA works to keep people sick and drug companies healthy. It appears manufacturers can claim it will help with sinus issues however. LOL. So don’t rely on the product labelling, do the research.

Here is the one I ordered at Amazon Smile

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